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Conversational Analytics

It is time to retire the terms like SQL and API from a Marketers job description.  Conversational Analytics allows marketing and sales teams to converse with data in their business' language to capture all the insights needed to do their jobs.

Use Your Business' Language

Since the product natively understands your business structure (Products, Solutions etc.) you can ask detailed questions on specific aspects of your business and get immediate answers. No preparatory work, no tagging, keyword matching, UTM codes and the like.

Lead to Deal Marketing Funnel

Deep Dive On Data

Zero Touch

Most reporting systems are good at presenting the first level of data/analysis.  Our technology allows you to refine your previous query on the fly - "From this set of accounts only show ones with greater than 10,000 employees". Presto! and our product figures this out right away.  Follow your marketing intuition, we'll do the heavy lifting.

Marketing and CRM systems are notorious for relying on users to tag, mark, categorize every input in just the right way - no wonder data seldom lines up.  Our product is built based on the assumption that human inputs are inherently messy and error prone.  We self-discover, self-learn, self-adjust without need for human input.

MQL Velocity
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