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Content Marketing

An auto discovery engine and AI algorithms underpin the content marketing analysis and report.  The system understands the full range of your web content and marketing automation content.

AI Driven Context

Content's context is fully understood using AI and Language Processing.  Is the asset a whitepaper or datasheet or report.  This type of information is critical to understand asset types that increase user interaction.  Our learning engine understands the full extent of web content and content within marketing automation systems.

Business Aligned

Content is also aligned to your business views.  For example, we deep inspect each piece of content to predict with a high degree of accuracy which parts of your business the content is related to.

Email Metrics by Business

Email metrics go beyond standard campaign based views, which are available in Marketing Automation systems to more sophisticated views by relating the email to the product or product line that the email is about.  Now you can see email performance in ways that can improve your business performance.

Zero Maintenance

Constant changes to your web presence, error prone human inputs, and manual processes can quickly torpedo a content marketing effort.  Our product is architected from the ground up to detect, adjust and respond to changes without no manual input.

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