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Revenue Influence

Smart computation of marketing's influcence from lead creation through all subsequent lead interactions.  Lead velocity, progression and behavior is analyzed at each stage of lead lifecycle to provide marketing with a true and indisputable view of marketing's contribution to revenue.

Marketing Influenced Revenue

Detailed visibility at each stage of lead progression from raw lead to final revenue is used in calculating the all critical metric - Marketing Influenced Revenue.  With accurate, indisputable data Marketing can now confidently state and prove its contribution to progressing opportunities through various stages of the lifecycle.

Change Resilient

Change is the only constant in Marketing and that creates a great barrier to accurate analysis and attribution.  Since we do not rely on human entered tags or rules our product is highly resistant to change and seamlessly adapts to change.  It touch-free and free from ongoing maintenance.

Marketing Influenced Revenue

Call to Action Impact

Analyze the impact of various calls to actions through the sales cycle.  Using AI the system automatically determines the type of call to action and measures its impact in different stages of the sales cycle.

Call To Action in Booked Opportunities

Smart Attribution

Unlike traditional first-touch, last-touch based attribution methods we deep inspect all user interactions to compute attribution.  Highly sophisticated analysis considers multiple dimensions such as user, account, interaction type, sequence, content, context etc. to compute attribution from multiple perspectives.

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