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Our approach to ABM starts with understanding the inherent complexity in your enterprise, thus automate application of intelligent strategies that really work.

Increase Coverage

Segment your accounts using not only firmographic and demographic data but also Sales Geos.  Collaborate with Sales and Business Leaders to smartly increase ABM coverage in regions that will best improve business outcomes.

ABM Leads By Territory

High Potential Accounts

Identify high potential accounts at each stage of the marketing funnel.  Use AI to  automate tactics to increase engagement and improve conversion rates to progress accounts to the next funnel stage.

Pinpoint Account Intent

Using Artificial Intelligence we analyze all user interactions for each prospect account to decipher the specific product or solution the prospect is showing a buying intent.  Precisely knowing the buying intent helps to micro segment and target marketing and sales efforts at different accounts.  This capability is especially valuable for enterprises that sell multiple products or solutions.

Segment & Personalize

Use the knowledge of firmographic, demographic, geographic, account interests, funnel stage and sales stage to create highly segmented and personalized strategies.

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